The Projekt Lazarus ensemble in Rijeka

Published: 23.12.2019.

In the classical music cycle “Glazbena Rijeka” at the concert held on December 20th, 2019 in the Marble hall of the Maritime and Historical Museum of the Croatian Littoral (“Governor’s Palace”), the “Projekt Lazarus” ensemble presented a cross section of works of Croatian baroque composers – Jelić, Lukačić, Usper, Šibenčanin and Nembri. With the significant […]

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The 4th Lux musicae concert cycle – Projekt Lazarus in Stupnik

Published: 16.12.2019.

The “Projekt Lazarus“ ensemble performed on Saturday, December 14th, 2019 in the Church of St. Ivan Nepomuk in the Lučko / Stupnik Parish within the 4th cycle of classical music “Lux musicae” promoting the best achievements of Croatian and world music heritage in the Zagreb County. The concert program featured Croatian Baroque authors such as […]

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CroBaroque – Projekt Lazarus in Rome

Published: 14.11.2019.

The Projekt Lazarus has held a concert on Sunday, November 10th, 2019, at the Church of Santa Maria dell’ Anima in Rome, performing works of the most significant composers of Croatian Baroque. The concert program entitled CroBaroque included works of Croatian Baroque composers Ivan Lukačić, Vinko Jelić, Ivan Šibenčanin, Francesco Sponga Usper and Damjan Nembri, as […]

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Projekt Lazarus at the 49th Varaždin Baroque Evenings

Published: 29.09.2019.

On Thursday, September 26th, 2019, the Projekt Lazarus performed a masterpiece “Stabat Mater” by Domenico Scarlatti in front of the Varaždin audience in the well-visited Ursuline church and for the first time in Varaždin a four-voices motets from the “Clio sacra” collection of psalms composed by the Italian Franciscan Bonaventura Beretta, who lived and worked […]

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Projekt Lazarus ensemble at Festival Seviqc in Brežice

Published: 27.08.2019.

The Projekt Lazarus ensemble gave a concert on August 24th, 2019 at the international Festival Seviqc in Brežice. In the unique ambience of the Knights’ Hall of the castle in Brežice, in front of more than a hundred listeners, the Projekt Lazarus ensemble presented two different but remarkable Baroque composers – Bonaventura Beretta and Domenico Scarlatti. Bonaventura […]

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Projekt Lazarus at 59th Musical Evenings in St. Donat – Zadar

Published: 18.07.2019.

The Projekt Lazarus ensemble has presented to the Zadar audience at the 59th Musical evenings in St. Donat two great composers; Damian Nembri and Domenico Scarlatti. Of particular significance to the City of Zadar was the first contemporary performance of Damian Nembri’s collection of psalms “Brevis et facilis psalmorum” (1641), who was a resident of […]

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Projekt Lazarus recording for the Croatian Radiotelevision

Published: 06.06.2019.

The Projekt Lazarus ensemble has recorded works by baroque Croatian composers, among which we highlight the psalms of composer Damjan Nembri, for the needs of Croatian Radiotelevision. The set took place on June 4th and 5th, 2019, in the beautiful church of the Immaculate Heart of Virgin Mary at Jordanovac.

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Easter concert – ensemble Projekt Lazarus

Published: 25.04.2019.

The ensemble Projekt Lazarus Easter concert program, which was held at the church of St. Mary on Dolac in Zagreb on 22nd April 2019 was presented in two parts. In the first part of the concert, the ensemble performed four-voices motets from the „Clio sacra“ – Davidicos psalmos vespertinis horis adscriptos musicis decantans (a collection of […]

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Lent concert in Zagreb – ensemble Projekt Lazarus

Published: 20.04.2019.

The Projekt Lazarus ensemble held on April 14th, 2019 in the church of St. Mary on Dolac a Lent concert featuring works of two outstanding composers: Damjan Nembri from Island of Hvar and Domenico Scarlatti from Naples. Nembri’s “Brevis et facilis psalmorum” is one of the most important monuments of the Croatian early Baroque music, […]

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Maestro Darijan Ivezić – “Mentor of the master singers”, Jutarnji list

Published: 19.04.2019.

In today’s edition of Jutarnji list, read the interview with the artistic director of the Projekt Lazarus, maestro Darijan Ivezić!

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