Advent concert in Sveta Nedelja – Višeslav Jaklin and the ensemble Projekt Lazarus

Published: 14.12.2018.

  It was a great pleasure hosting Višeslav Jaklin, a Varaždin cathedral organist, one of the most prominent Croatian artists of the younger generation to the 5th season of the classical music cycle “Po svetonedeljskim crkvama i kapelicama”, as a guest of “Projekt Lazarus” ensemble. Jaklin chose an occasional and yet demanding solo organ program that […]

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The Lux musicae cycle – Projekt Lazarus in Ivanić Grad

Published: 05.11.2018.

The „Projekt Lazarus” ensemble held a concert as a part of the 3rd cycle of classical music concerts named „Lux musicae”, on 4th of November 2018 at remarkable church of St. Peter the Apostle in Ivanić Grad, presenting two great Croatian early baroque composers; Ivan Lukačić and Vinko Jelić. The main part of the program were […]

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The 3rd Lux musicae concert cycle – Projekt Lazarus in Krašić

Published: 01.10.2018.

The Projekt Lazarus ensemble held on September 30th, 2018 in the 3rd cycle of classical music named Lux musicae a concert performed at beautiful church of the Holy Trinity in Krašić, presenting two great Croatian early baroque composers – Ivan Lukačić and Vinko Jelić. The dominant part of the program were the motets from the Sacrae cantiones collection, […]

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Projekt Lazarus at 48th Varaždin Baroque Evenings

Published: 27.09.2018.

The Projekt Lazarus ensemble in association with the soloists of Japanese Orchestra Libera classica  presented at 48. Varaždin baroque evenings pieces of the Istrian composer Francesco Sponga Usper (1561?-1641), who spent most of his life in Venice, at Scuola di San Giovanni Evangelista. The concert took place at Franciscan church in Varaždin. The most of […]

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Projekt Lazarus at Seviqc Brežice Festival

Published: 27.08.2018.

On Saturday, August 25th, 2018, in the crowded concert hall of Viteška dvorana (The Hall of Knights) of Bistriški grad (Bistrica castle) in Slovenska Bistrica, Projekt Lazarus ensemble held a concert on which for the first time the Slovenian public had an opportunity to listen to a book of psalms written by Damjan Nembri, Brevis et […]

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Projekt Lazarus in Zagreb – concert “Sacrae cantiones” in memory of 370th death anniversary of Ivan Lukačić

Published: 22.06.2018.

In a glorious ambience fulfilled with audience at the church of St. Mary at Dolac, the Projekt Lazarus ensemble marked the 370thanniversary of the death of the Croatian composer Marko Ivan Lukačić, presenting the motets from the Sacrae cantiones book of sacred songs printed in Venice in 1620. With a long-lasting applause, listeners have rewarded artists for […]

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Projekt Lazarus in Split and Šibenik – 370th anniversary of death of Ivan Lukačić

Published: 12.04.2018.

In memory to the 370th anniversary of the death of the Croatian composer and member of Franciscan convent Ivan Lukačić, born in Šibenik, who most of his life acted as the prior of the monastery of sv. Frane na Obali and magister musicae at the cathedral of sv. Dujam in Split, the ensemble „Projekt Lazarus“ performed […]

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„Lux musicae 2017“ – concerts in Sveti Ivan Zelina and Ivanić Grad

Published: 22.12.2017.

The Croatian Music Center has organized an Operabella program in collaboration with the Pučko otvoreno učilište Sveti Ivan Zelina and Ivanić Grad within the second edition of the cycle Lux musicae 2017. Anabela Barić (soprano), Nikolina Virgej Pintar (mezzosoprano), Robert Palić (bass), Darijan Ivezić (piano) and Zijad Gračić (narrator) presented a brilliant and inspired performance. With […]

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Flanders Recorder Quartet in Zagreb

Published: 28.11.2017.

The Croatian Music Center in cooperation with the Seviqc Festival in Brežice organized a concert of the top Belgian ensemble whose musicians were assembled in the Flanders Recorder Quartet, featuring excellent music performance on November 25, 2017 at the atrium of the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb. Technically brilliant and inspirational, the miraculous […]

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„Projekt Lazarus“ at 47. Varaždin baroque evenings

Published: 27.09.2017.

The ensemble „Projekt Lazarus“ gave a concert at 47th Varaždin baroque evenings performing the 17th century Croatian composers programme. The concert was named „Brevis et facilis psalmorum“ it took place at St. Florian’s church, on September 29th 2017. More about concert:

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